Thanksgiving Menu

Order from now until Nov. 18th in person or over the phone, 540.490.4879. Side and main dishes are priced per person, while baked goods, sauces, and soups are priced by the each.  The entire menu is ala carte, meaning you are free to order any amounts/combinations that you want.  Help us cut down on togo packaging and bring us your dishes, tupperware, containers, etc and we will fill them up with the food you order.  Everything will be pre-cooked for you and we will provide simple re-heat instructions.  Pick ups will be on Nov. 23 between 12-2pm.

Side Dishes (per person)

Sausage Stuffing


Southern Style Green Beans


Mashed Sweet Potatoes


Scalloped Potatoes


Honey Roasted Carrots


Soups & Sauces (per each)

Butternut Squash Soup


Cranberry Sauce

$4/half Pt



Mushroom Marsala Sauce


Main Dishes (per person)

Roast Pork Loin w/ Mushroom Marsala Sauce


Roast Turkey w/ Gravy


Roast Chicken w/ Gravy


Baked Goods (per each)

1/2 Doz. Cornbread Muffins


Doz. Cornbread Muffins


Sweet Potato Pie


Apple Pie