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Merry Christmas

Order from now until Dec. 18th in person or over the phone,

540-490-4879.  The entire menu is ala carte, meaning you are free to order any amounts/combinations that you want.  Help us cut down on togo packaging and bring us your dishes, tupperware, containers, etc prior to pickup date and we will fill them up with the food you order.  Everything will be pre-cooked for you and we will provide simple re-heat instructions.  Pick ups will be on Dec. 23 between 12-2pm.  

We THANK YOU so much for your continued support of our family restaurant.


 Vegetable Slaw

thin sliced brussel sprouts, bok choy, cabbage, kale, and carrot dressed with a creamy horseradish sauce

$4/serving (4oz)

  Roasted Beet and Grain Salad

with fresh veggies, fruit, goat cheese, and pumpkin seeds with red wine vinaigrette

$7 half/$14 full

  Mashed Sweet & Russet Potatoes

$4/serving (5oz)

  Baked Mac & Cheese

$5/serving (6oz)


Duck Cassoulet 

hearty French stew with duck legs, garlic sausage, smoked pork, beans and vegetables slow cooked in the oven



   Butternut Squash Soup


Mushroom Stew




Morning Glory


Brown Butter Buckwheat

$12/half dozen

Cinnamon Rolls with Walnuts and Icing

$18/half dozen

Mini Country Ham Biscuits

$12/half dozen

  Orange-Cranberry Pie


  Pecan Pie


Chocolate & Vanilla Swiss Roll



Bacon & Brussels


Spinach & Mushroom


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